ObamaCare Losing Support

obamacare losing support

Suddenly, President Barack Obama’s push for health care reform (also known as ObamaCare)doesn’t look like such a sure thing.  Not only have Republicans stepped up their opposition, but many members of his own party are voicing their concerns as well.

Americans appear to have a clear case of sticker shock, and members of Congress are beginning to take notice.  The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the proposals being pushed by Democratic congressional leaders would add more than $500 billion to the deficit, and still leave about 20 million people without health insurance.  That report has caused many of the moderate “Blue Dog” democrats to express serious reservations about the plan.

Republicans are making the point that the country simply can’t afford this plan.  While most Republicans agree that health care reform is needed, they argue that this isn’t the right plan or the right approach.  To bolster their argument, Republicans point to Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan, which the president promised would rejuvenate the economy and keep unemployment below 8%.  By reminding the American public of the failure of the stimulus package, the Republicans are effectively casting doubt on the viability of the President’s proposed health care reform.  This has proven especially effective among political independents.

The President had argued forcefully in favor of a passing the plan before the August Congressional recess, but that goal appears increasingly unlikely.  That could spell even more trouble for the plan, because when Congress goes home for its summer break, members will likely hear lots of complaints from their constituents, as more and more Americans turn against the plan.

Now is the time to let your Representative and Senators know how you feel about the proposed health care reform.  If you are concerned about adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit and the national debt, tell your Congressman and Senators.

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